Crying most of the day... Isn't it fun?

The only joy today was when I had some work that I could focus on. It was non-stop and made others happy.

Other than that today has been filled with crying. Trying not to cry. And sleeping from the exhaustion caused from crying.

I hate this. I am barely functioning. The main thing keeping me going is my dog.

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Hey there friend. I know what it feels like to just… feel so broken that your body can’t even physically deal with it. I know what it’s like to walk through days on the verge of tears, but knowing you can’t let anyone else see your pain for the fear of them judging, not understanding, or just looking at you as a different person that you know you’re not like. I’m so sorry that you’ve been going through all of this. You’re so strong to have made it to where you are today! I know you may not feel like you’re strong, but that’s ok- just know that you are, and your tears are not weakness, and they are not wasted. Did you know that no other animal/creature/living thing in the whole world has tears like us humans have? Our tears, though they may seem inconvenient to us at times, are actually a gift. Our tears cleanse us, release our stress. So if you feel like you need to cry, that’s ok! Just let it all out. But also know that you’re crying because you have some pent up emotions that you’ve probably been avoiding that you need to face head on. Don’t be afraid to look at your sadness, your anger, your fear, and question them. Look at your stress, your anxiety, your insecurity, and say: I see that you’re here, and I don’t want you here. Let them know you’ll do everything you can to fight them, with self love, thankfulness, emotional awareness and just joy of life. Sorry that this is so long, I just didn’t wanna skip over anything. Please know that wherever you are, you are not alone, love will find a way- as it always done. Let yourself be held, allow yourself to just be