Crying on the bathroom floor

I haven’t been in this place in a long time.

I worked 6 am to 3 pm at work, it was a long day. A lot of work.

I’m honestly so. tired.

I’m laying on my bathroom floor, crying. I remember when I used to do this everyday. Multiple times a day.

And here I am again. Only once in a while- but it brings back all those memories.

In this moment I just want to fall asleep.

I wish I could explain better but this is all I have.


Unfortunately adulthood sucks sometimes. Working is hard. Some days are easier than others, but that’s part of being an adult is working and upholding responsibilities.

Take this not as defeat but let it motivate you to keep going, keep working, and keep bettering yourself as a person.

It’s okay to cry, but don’t let it consume you. Get up, wipe your tears, stand up stronger and prouder and continue on.



It’s okay to cry. You needed to get it out. Do what you can to keep moving forward. This community and I love you.

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Hi Lyss, I love you. As always, I’m only ever a message away. You’re always allowed to vent to me. And if you just want to vent and talk and don’t want advice just let me know. And I’ll just offer you love and encouragement. I’ll always offer you a safe space that you can go to privately if you need it.

You are so wonderful in so many ways. I want you to know that.

I’m sorry you had such a long day. Draw yourself a bath. Take a shower. Dim the lights. Put on some soft music and just take a little bit to relax your mind and body.

I hope you are able to get some rest tonight. But I’m here if you need to talk privately.

Love you, Lyss

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Crying is absolutely okay. Some days i find myself overwhelmed and crying just makes me feel so much better. it isn’t a sign of weakness, and sometimes its just necessary.
Crying on the bathroom floor and breaking down is totally normal. I find it therapeutic.