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So, it’s my birthday tomorrow! Yay, right? I’m supposed to be happy for that? I’m turning 16. None of my friends are talking to me, nobody wants to hang out with me, and a road trip to WV was cancelled because my mom isn’t feeling good. So, I get to sit alone in my room and not do or get anything. I was actually looking forward to the road trip. I haven’t had anything to be excited about in over a year, so that was fun. Now it’s not happening and i’m back to always wanting to cry with a weighing feeling on my heart and/or feeling completely dead inside. This sucks… I want to talk to my friend about some of the stuff that ales me but he has his own stuff and he’s not in a very good mindset so I wouldn’t ever burden him with that. He is stressed about enough stuff as it is and I try to help but nothing I do works. I wonder why he even talks to me still. I text people and they don’t respond, I want to hang out and nobody joins my parties ( All of my friends are online and when we want to hang out then it’s usually on Xbox). The only reason some people even play with me on Xbox is because i’m too self conscious to talk and because I’m fairly good at the game. They wouldn’t invite me otherwise. (They rarely do anyways) I just want to feel included in something or somebody’s life. Guess i’m ending this post there since I have a headache


Sadly life isnt easy, it can be hard but when we get over those hard moments, we become stronger. If you feel like that try to talk to your friends of how you feel, this is when you will learn who your friends really is. When you are loved and happy that will the place that belong to you, people will come and go so try to make yourself your best friend and become the person you want and then the right people will appear. I hope that you get better, Take care :heart: And Happy birthday :hugs:


@Maisnow I’ve made 50 versions of myself. Nobody likes them and I don’t know if I want to be myself because if nobody likes that ‘me’ then I won’t like it either. I try to make friends but everyone eventually stops talking to me or finds somebody better. I have that one friend and as I said, he has a lot of his own problems and I wouldn’t do anything like that to him. I’m sorry for this, thank you for your kind words, I genuinely appreciate them and you. I hope you have a nice day as well


I feel your pain for sure. Birthdays are so hard. There’s an expectation that it should be a good day, but when it’s not it can be crushing. Please hang in there and know you are a worthwhile person who is going through a really crappy and lonely time. The time is crappy and lonely, but you are valuable.

Is there anything you can think of doing by yourself that might make the day feel special in some way? I love those sand paintings that people do - mandalas with colored sand and then sweep them all away when they are finished. Of course you probably don’t have a supply of colored sand at the ready, but is there anything you can spend time creating, and then after you are finished and admire it, just brush it all away? I think it can be helpful to remind ourselves of the impermanence of all things.

I hope you have some moments of peace and contentment today. You are loved.


Try confiding in your friend, sharing your own struggles. One of my best friends struggles with mental illness just as much as I do, but when one of us reaches out during a bad time, the other rises to the occasion with support. It feels good to be able to help someone else feel better, even if it’s something we can’t do for ourselves. Your friend may love the chance to help someone else with their problems instead of wallowing in his own for a change. I know that’s the case for me.


True friends will always talk to you. Time to find some real friends

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Happy Belated Birthday!! I’m sorry this birthday wasn’t the celebration that it should have been. It sucks that literally the ONE thing you were looking forward to was taken away by chance. You had no control over your mom getting sick, yet you didn’t get to go on a trip for your bday because of chance. Man that stinks.

I’m sorry that your friends don’t treat you right. You deserve to have a community who loves and supports you. (we would love to be that, especially our twitch stream I think you’d love it ) You are worthy of love.

Hold Fast



I’m sorry your birthday didn’t go the way you wanted and your friends aren’t talking to you. Just letting you know that you are loved by God, this community, and you are not alone in this. Keep pressing on.