Currently hooking up to a machine to keep living o

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Currently hooking up to a machine to keep living. Only other option is transplant that I would rather help make someone else’s life easier.

I have so many people that want to help. I just don’t have that one person that could let me dream of a future beyond all of this. I know all the possibilities. I just can’t find the hope if that makes any sense.

I’m trying for everyone that cares about me, but I’m just tired.


I’m so glad you reached out and shared what you are going through. Feeling like there’s no hope or struggling to find hope can be frustrating and exhausting. I commend you for holding on and trying for the people around you. Have you been able to share these thoughts with them?Sharing our true emotions with the people who care for us can be a tremendous weight off our shoulders. I’ve never been in your exact situation, but I have experienced a loss of hope from constant medical battles and when I finally got so tired of the battle I just closed my eyes and prayed. I asked God to help me face each day with courage and to take it one step at a time. I figured I had nothing to lose so I let out all my fears and frustration and it brought me a sense of peace. I pray that you are able to share what you are going through and that you are able to rediscover hope one step at a time!

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It can feel so hard to see the future when you’re currently in darkness. Thank you for reaching out to us, I’m glad I’m able to be writing to you right now. I hope you know that right now I am praying for a deeply care about you, you are very brave and so resilient for enduring and persevering through all of this.

I can completely relate to the feeling of not feeling like you have that one person who cares enough about you to help you keep holding your head up. When I was going through the hardest point in my life mentally I had just gone through a breakup not long before. To not have a life partner is something that hurts deeply, yet our worth does not lie in a person. I have been able to accomplish so much and be there for and help so many people because life didn’t end when I was at my lowest. At the point where I felt I had no one, my friends and family were the ones who were there for me and loved and supported me in so many ways.

The people you have around you want to help you because they love you and they want you to be a part of their life. Even if you don’t have a romantic partner or a best friend, there are people who love you and don’t want to do life without you here. The moments you’ll have as friends, the memories, the laughs, crying on each others shoulders, all of these things are reasons to keep going forward. The future you have with your community should not be overlooked.

I don’t want to make your decision on whether or not you should take the transplant since I want to help you find the hope and see the potential your life has for you so that you can make that decision on your own. I think for you to be saying that you are giving up an option to make your own life easier to help someone else is beyond admirable. I know many people who preach and practice kindness would struggle with such an act of selflessness. Seeing how beyond kind and lovely you are towards others, you are someone that can change this world tremendously. A little bit of love and one small gesture can go a long way.

There are so many reasons that you should stay here that aren’t for the sake and happiness of others. Here’s a few off the top of my head that came to mind:

  1. To eat your favorite food
  2. To pet a stranger’s dog in the park
  3. To meet new people and go on new adventures with them
  4. To experience laughing so hard your stomach hurts
  5. To go on dates
  6. To swim
  7. To sit in the sunshine
  8. To feel all the emotions we’re yet to feel

These are just a few that I can think of. Even if you aren’t religious, I want you to know that there is a God out there who watches over your every step, never leaves your side, and loves you more than you could ever imagine.

I can tell you all the reasons in the world why hope exists, but it looks different for everyone. I want to encourage you to keep thinking of how you can experience joy, how beautiful your life can be, and how much you truly matter so you can recognize why you being here in this world with us is so crucial. Please continue reaching out to us, we at HeartSupport are all here for you. Sending you all my love and prayers, keeping fight my friend <3