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Cut family out of our life for Christmas @kitboga

I have D.I.D. and, after 11 years of therapy, I’ve finally gotten the strength and mental support to be able to, safely, cut our toxic family out of our life. It’s so free-ing. Remember that people don’t get a special right to hurt you just because they’re related to you. You’re worth love, and safety, and support. :two_hearts:


Wow! I know this is such a hard thing to do, but I am proud of you guys for taking such a difficult step in taking care of yourself. My husband and his sister had to do the same thing with their mother and they’ve both been better since.

Keep on keeping on :orange_heart:


What a VERY brave and strong step you’ve taken @TheNervousSystem. A year ago I had to make that decision with my mom. I spent years before thinking that I’d never be able to do it even if the urge was constantly there, eating me silently. It is absolutely empowering to put boundaries where they are necessary and when they are needed. People who say that family should come before anything else just don’t emphasize enough that each family actually has its own context, its own story, and connections like these should never be taken for granted just because it’s “family”. It’s so much more complex.

I’m so very proud of you all. Thank you for sharing this part of your story with us. You matter very much. :hrtlegolove:


*stands up and claps
Look at you, friend! This is so great to hear! I hope that you keeep on this path of healing and growing. Family should protect and uplift, if your birth family doesnt do this, then make a family of your own choosing, friends, pets, plants, whatsoever!

I love the “safely” aspect of how you did it! Hope it leads you to peace of mind and a feeling of security and being able to breathe freely! So excited for what’s ahead for you!

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