Cut tw: selfharm

I had my first cut. It didn’t hurt much. I’m so sorry to everyone, I want help. But no one notices. I have the best family of all and the sweetest friends. I want comfort, not advice. I want someone to ask me ‘are you okay?’.


Hey @Kim09,

You don’t have to apologize. You’re actually doing something very brave by reaching out here. I’m really glad you’re doing so. Thank you for your presence and for honoring this community with your vulnerability.

I’m sorry you’ve been struggling to the point of hurting yourself. Even though it didn’t hurt much, it is still something that needs to be prevented, with healthier coping mechanisms - ones that wouldn’t allow you to just survive, but to truly live the life you deserve.

It also breaks my heart to hear that you’ve felt invisible to your loved ones. It is such a heartbreaking feeling to have these deep emotions inside of your heart, the desire to scream your pain to the world, but it seems that no one sees, or cares.

I promise you that you are seen right here and right now. Your voice is heard, cherished and respected.

Would you like to talk about what brought you to hurt yourself today? And how are you feeling right now? I’m willing to listen. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi Kim09
You must have felt really down. I am sorry that you have felt that way. Sometimes whe dont ask for help because we dont want to hurt the people around us. Self harm is a nasty habbit Kim. Even tho it hadnt hurt much you must have had a lot of unrealeased emotions. If there is anything you would like to talk about we are here to listen.

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I’m glad you have a great family support around you, and it must be hard to feel that they aren’t providing the emotional support you need. Communication is not just about giving or receiving advice, but also being vulnerable and open and letting them know that things are not okay, that you’re struggling, and what you need from them.

Cutting is not going to get them to magically know what’s wrong. You have to use your words, speak from the heart or write a letter if that is easier, but open those channels. Let them in, let them help you.

Thank you for your trust and vulnerability here, it was very brave of you to share with us. We’re here for you, to hold you hand through this journey. Be well, friend, you matter, and you deserve to be head. We see you, and we hear you.

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