Cuts and bruises, self harm

I am to the point where I even selfharm at work. I do it multiple times a day and I continually need to do it. My body is a war zone for life and me to fight on

Hey friend,

I don’t know much about your situation but it sounds like you’re in a tough place. If you haven’t already, try reaching out to a counselor, therapist, or trusted person about your situation. You can always get re-write, HeartSupport’s self harm recovery book if you think that will help. Thanks for posting on the support wall. We are here for you.

Hold fast <3


Hi friend. I’m sorry that you are going through so much hurt right now and that you feel like you need to do these things to feel better. I know what it’s like. It’s a battle I’ve fought. I’ve slipped and struggled with self harm and I recently read through Heart Supports book “Re-Write”

It has been a huge help and guidance for me through these rough times. I hope that you will order yourself a free copy and consider reading and working through it. It can be such a huge help. And you can share what you are reading and working on as you go through it if you want. You don’t have to go at it alone. Many of us have been there.

We care for you. I care for you. I want you to be okay. We are strangers but you are still so important.

Much love to you