Cutting again-dont read if its something that bugs you

i’m at a loss. The dreams ive been having have really taken a toll on me. i remind myself that they are just dreams but i lost my cool and cut. i managed to stop myself before i went over my whole arms but its been a while since ive done it and i was doing so good. i dont know what to do about it. thhe feeling i get when i look at my arms now is a mix of disgust hatred and dissapointment and even a bit of sadness. i worry that i will keep doing this after breaks without cutting. does anyone maybe have tips to control impulses? or just idk…
thanks to whoever reads this :slightly_smiling_face: :black_heart:

Hello Fearful, thank you for posting. It is scary to be open about this kind of stuff but it is brave of you being able to open up about it. Here is a really great article from the Crisis Text Line website. They list some ways to push through, process, and cope with your emotions.

Number one thing to do is next time you feel like cutting, please reach out to a hotline. Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor. If you are OUTSIDE of the US, here are a list of crisis lines too. They are trained to help you and strategize healthy coping mechanisms to manage your emotions. There are also a few other tips as well, like getting creative, finding your zen and talking to a professional. Have you considered talking to a parent who can help you get connected to a doctor or a therapist?

I hope you give that article a thorough read and here is another resource site that I can provide you with. There are mental health, self-care and wellness apps out there. If you wanted to give that a look through as well, there may be a few useful ones depending on your needs.

Good luck, @Fearful!


thank you… concerning my parents im left with my dad who at the moment is not someone i feel lke i could talk to or explain this thing im going through without feeling like i did something wrong

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