Cutting myself again

I’m sorry I’m posting so much but I think I’m gonna end cutting myself again


Think about why you’re doing it. Is it because of a need to, a addicted urge? If so that means you are just relapsing because you feel like you have to do it and are used to resorting to that state. Try taking a few deep breaths and remember why you’re here. That you exist for yourself, and that you’re going to be okay, and it will pass. It takes alot of strength and courage but if you try you can do it.
I hope you can work on this.

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Hey Jax.

It’s okay to post as much as needed. Some times are a lot more difficult than others and we all understand that here.

I’d like to encourage you to have a look at the two following resources regarding self-harm.

The first one is ReWrite, a workbook provided by HeartSupport to help the ones who struggle with self-harm and people around them who want to help them. It’s a very good resource. I’ve read it with a friend and the book gives plenty of opportunities to reflect on what’s under this habit, but also on ways to learn to cope differently. If you’d like to give it a try, there’s a part dedicated to the book on the forum, in which you can respond to the questions that are in the book itself. That way, you can have some accountability with the rest of the community.

Another resource is a free app that’s actually pretty effective to help finding ideas to cope differently whenever you feel an urge to hurt yourself. The way it is designed is really well-thought and I highly recommend you to check on this tool:

Self-harm is a way to cope that you may have developped over time. But it is possible to unlearn this habit, step by step. This community will be there and will keep supporting you through this journey. We believe in you.


well I ended up not cutting myself that night


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