Cutting myself

I just want to be done living.


Hey @Megadave020 ,

You are loved.
You are cared for.
You matter.
Keep fighting, friend. I know there’s been a lot of painful waves recently, and that’s not fair. But you are strong enough to keep reaching out and sharing, to take this step and stand up for yourself. I’m sorry you’re suffering… You are not alone right now. Please, stay safe. And if you ever want to talk, you know you are always free to do it, to express yourself as much as needed.

Hang in there. :hrtlegolove:

From: lobrotv

Dude, whatever you’re feeling right now will pass. I’m so sorry you’re struggling, but this isn’t the end. You have a story yet to tell. We love you.

From: caseyscreamsback

Dude. Love you. I’ve hugged you. I know there are moments where you can SEE hope. Hold on to those. We believe in you. I’m confident of better things in your life. Keep coming to HS, tell us what’s up. Hang in our streams. Keep reaching out. You’re worth it.

From: nevxrmeant

been there, but try to remember, there are so many things that surround you in life that are beautiful and can bring you happiness. Wether your bed is your safe haven, or the shower, or a pizza, let that be for now. This will pass. Be safe. <3

From: kaaaatie

Tell yourself that you’re done with whatever is causing you to feel that way instead. Write it down, get it out, plan your way through the struggle. Your story is so much longer than this <3

From: penguinsgorawrx

I know I don’t know you personally but I’ve been in your shoes I tried once on my on own many years ago keep fighting for another day hugs <3

From: tessaundra

you are so loved and valued <3 your story is not over and there is still plenty to be told. This is merely a chapter

From: ladytapioca

I was the same within the past few years. I got plants so I can see the impact MY life has on others, I take care of this ONE plant and I see myself grow as the plant does it helped me realize how important my life is and how I can help others in places no one else can.

From: this_is_not_me

Sometimes you just have to keep going for the people you love around, there will be more good things it’s becomes very easy to dwell on the bad things.