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i really hate my dad and my step mom they are always so forcefully with working out doing homework and eating like that’s all they think about they can only have fun if its planned that we are going to go do something ¨fun¨.i was waiting for dinner to be ready and i was soooo hungry like i hadn’t eaten all day cuz i was out doing shit and i went to go to the fridge to get some turkey or something just so i dont pass out or shake like crazy and my dad said no to me getting turkey and then i was like but im shaking i haven’t eaten all day and he sighed and told me to get a banana or something and then when i was getting that he turned to me and said so do you have a eating disorder now? is that your new THING in the most annoying condescending tone possible and i was just stunned that he said that its like he can’t even hear himself i have literally starved myself before because i was so stressed over them telling me i need to be healthier last year and he had no i just stared at him and said no? and just went back to my room cuz i was so mad i could not believe what he said.and then there is my stepmom she is a huge health nut she is always pressuring me to eat better like one time i was just making a sandwich and she said i need to put lettuce on it so i did no questions asked but when i sat down to eat she said ¨when are you going to start eating healthy¨ and may i add LETTUCE HAS NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE EEEEE it just maybe makes you poop better but thats it and she always does this anytime she can and it hurts so much cuz im not overweight i’m fine and there not helping at all if they want me to exercise so much because they say shit like that and it’s just so stressful and it makes me want to starve myself again and i hate it i hate living here and i can’t do anything about it idk what to do i can’t do anything and somehow they don’t understand why i want to leave im just tired cuz this shit is constant all the time everyday anytime im with em i hate it


Have you ever told them that it bothers you? Because comments like that could cause an ED, which are no joke. Has your doctor ever said anything about your weight? Because if not then you should be fine! Mine has said to exercise more in the past, but like… what even?

I also sometimes get too busy and forget to eat but it’s not like i’m not WANTING to eat.

I’m mad for you friend :frowning: but i would definitely talk to them about how it bothers you, especially since you seem like you are healthy.


Oh… when they don’t let you get turkey from the fridge… they are over the top with it.
If you were shaking with having not eaten all day, he should let you eat turkey. No matter what somebody else says, I know he’s the one with a problem, not you. and the way it is that they would not have fun unless it was planned? That sounds… unnatural. Something about them sounds really unnatural. The way they are forcing your eating is very over board, and I think it’s just wrong.
What they are doing to you is making me angry, but you have to keep holding on.
you can endure…

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It sounds like your parents are bugging you to do stuff they think is beneficial for you. You seem to believe they are being over-controlling. Maybe they are. Maybe the more they push you, the more you resist. The more you resist, the more they push you. Are there times when you avoid doing something, based on their urging that you do it? Are there times when you would’ve done something, but changed your mind when you realized it was something they wanted you to do?

Do you hate them for being over controlling, but love them for caring, even if they’re doing it wrong?

They may feel it’s their job to control you, and they have yet to figure out a balance between being controlling and nurturing independence.

What is a dependent child to do? They have authority and you don’t. They care about you, but not in a way that you appreciate. You are not likely to change their beliefs related to parenting any time soon.

That means, in order to avoid stalemates and battles of will, it’s up to you to decide how you’ll handle the confrontations. You’ll need to decide if arguing about diet is worth the emotional drain.

Parents are just regular people, doing what they think is right, or at the very least, doing what they think they have to. I doubt they’re asking you to go out and work in order to supply them with drug money, as my mom did to me. They are around, despite the unpleasant confrontations. Often my parents weren’t around, and I was left genuinely hungry.

It might be worth considering what you might do that would help them feel a little peace of mind, and worry about you less.

Perhaps you feel oppressed, but it looks as though your circumstances come with a measure of security that you may someday recall with fondness.

Take one day at a time, and be alert for opportunities to change relationship patterns with your parents that you find so troubling.

It’s not easy being a kid. Kids who learn how to make the best of their relationships, especially with those in authority, and cultivate self-discipline, tend to become leaders.

I’m pullin’ for ya!

i feel like if i did they would just say that they want me to be healthy and we would just argue there is really nothing i can do.

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