Dancing and sex with Blink 182

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Blink reactions + mental health = FANTASTIC COMBINATION

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Lit! Wen are we talking about stroking it??

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have u seen travis on rogan? hes such a cool dude.

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Songs got great energy…

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MY fav song off the new album

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In reference to your earliest comments on this video when you were saying the title might not relate to mental health. I’d just love you to see how positivity and the breakthrough of a struggle can be even more enlightening than a description or break down of a negative experience. And idk if that’s what you were referring to because this is my first video of yours and hello :sweat_smile::v::heart:

But for real I respect and love the mission statement from the get go how you want to use music to help better the collective mental health crisis. And to that I could easily say that we may not be in a crisis. I think the majority are waking up and realizing that we are not victims in the west. We have opportunity abounding and it’s only the tiny few that want to keep us separated as a species. Really the vast majority agree on the fundamentals and we are working toward some sort of understanding and that we need to stop voting for 80 year Olds as president…

Have to say it… Vivek Ramaswamy 2024 all day every day.

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Do Adams Song!!!..

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The best drummer is Danny Carey of Tool check out the video Pneuma Danny Carey Drum cam video from Vic Firth!!!

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Local band (San Diego) I used to see them open up for Sprung Monkey shows down at Soma on Union street downtown San Diego before they got popular such good times.

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You should really check out Blue October for some amazing lyrics to decipher

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why i lie this song its fun. and i think we need some fun

awesome and a tibute to and a parody of The Ramones btw :wink: not a cover song at all, just the video and musicaly “Olé”