Darleeng Fan #5

Amongst all the people that hangout with, there is no one I feel safe being 100% myself with anymore. That one person whom I felt that I could be 100% myself with used to be my girlfriend, and although we broke up on good terms, things aren’t so good anymore and it feels like I’ve lost a core part of my life. Every day that passes I feel myself suffocating as the creeping feeling of loneliness birthed by my new reality of solidarity and social exile strangles me to death.

This is a really hard struggle when we don’t feel like we have a confidant any longer. Like you, I have gone through a time when I felt as though I couldn’t be myself with anyone in my life. I spent a lot of time focusing on my relationships and looking at the people I felt the closest two and tried to bond with them so that I could find that connection again, and eventually it did happen! However, I truly understand that this middle place is lonely. Losing your girlfriend, even on good terms, can cause a break in that trust. I think the best advice I can give is to do whatever you can to challenge yourself not to isolate. We can feel rejected and alone and then get lost in those emotions very easily. People do love and care about you, and taking small steps in trust or in forming new bonds can really help.

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