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Hi all,

I am 26 and I have never dated before. I am just too ugly and insecure. I don’t think I will ever find someone in my life. I just think I will be alone forever. I am not attractive or confident enough to ask a girl out and I don’t know where to meet girls. I am not a fan of online dating, even though I’ve never used it.


Hey friend.

You are deserving of love. What you look like or how much you weigh does not play a factor in your worth and value. You are a person that is deserving of love and compassion. :heart:

Putting yourself out there is hard. Been there. It can be scary when you don’t feel confident. Sometimes we have to step outside our confront zones a little bit.

I know right now with covid, that’s not always a thing we can do. But when the quarantine lifts maybe you could find some groups or places that you enjoy. Put yourself out there. :heart: Get started off by doing the things you enjoy and love. Focusing on what makes you feel good and makes you happy. Relationships naturally will build in time. I know it doesn’t always happen as soon as we’d hope, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen

You matter. You deserve to be loved.

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idk. I am pretty darn ugly. tumblr_8da32291c5e4453d9beb774ce12f59d9_9b08537d_1280|281x500

No you’re not! At all! You are being way too critical of yourself my friend. Look at those curls in your hair! They’re lovely!

And I like your jacket.

Be nice to yourself <3

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Hey man! Don’t go too hard on yourself, we’re all beautiful in our own ways. I’m sure you’ll find someone perfect for you eventually. I know you said you’re not a fan of online dating but I’ve seen my friends meet up with their online dates and things seem to go pretty well. I say since theres the covid situation and you can’t really go out to see anyone you might give it a try! Nonetheless I’m not forcing you to, do what you feel is best for you stay strong!



You deserve to feel that you are loved and cared for. And that goes beyond your physical appearance. Before I met my partner, I thought I would never be able to be in a relationship. As a teenager I saw my friends being with their boyfriends or girlfriends and it often made me feel as the “weird” one. Someone who was too shy and too introverted to be loved. I blamed my appearance too. But it was really about what you said: self-confidence.

It’s frustrating when you feel like you are paralyzed because of your own insecurities. But a good news is : it can always be changed. Insecurities, fears, can be reduced progressively. By doing things you enjoy, by gathering occasions to meet new people and interact with them, by feeling more and more confident with yourself.

I don’t know if it’s something you can consider, but counseling can be of a great help sometimes. To step out of your comfort zone, in a safe and healthy environment. Also to deconstruct your fears, understand them and learn to live beyond them. It’s a way to learn, try, progress with someone who’ll provide you some helpful insights.

What is sure right now is that there’s nothing wrong with you. Confidence takes time to grow. But it’s worth it. Keep being you. Keep smiling, shining. You’re beautiful.