Dawn is Coming

I know there’s many people up this late tossing, and turning. Thoughts of loneliness, and emptiness clouding the mind, and as each hour passes by the darker and murkier one’s mind can become. However through what seems such mundane drudgery, morning is coming with new opportunities of life, to dream, and live fully. Even though it’s like hell, you can find a way to get through this twilight, you can make it another night. You are loved, I’ll be your friend. Hold Fast, I Believe In You.


Hey @Corey.Slone78,

Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement with all of us. It is much appreciated. I hope today is gonna be a good one to you as well. Hold fast, friend. Much love to you. :heart:

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Not a problem at all, I’m glad it’s encouraging to you. It’s what I’m here for. Much Love to you as well friend.

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This is truly encouraging.
Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts

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You’re very welcome friend.