Day 12 (realization)

While this is still fresh…I come to realize that I may need to conceal my whereabouts to a important factor in my recovery,while thinking this now,my recovery is mine noone else’s…besides the fact he plays a role rn that may determine my freedom…a lil scary ,hearts racing while writing this because of a domestic issue I left…and became aware of my addiction to alcohol…had to get it out and just let this out because it’s redundantly occurring in my head about every 3 seconds…it’s hard to let this go and let something else other then me take over…


Your ability to make choices is your freedom. Getting help doesn’t mean letting someone else take you over.

You have two things to face in order to assert your freedom, and you’ve mentioned both of them, alcohol and this individual you perceive as having a negative effect on your well-being.

Do what’s necessary to stay safe, then seek help for emotional healing.

You’ve demonstrated true courage in recognizing your addiction, and taking action to distance yourself from a negative influence. The reoccurring thoughts can be the mind’s way of processing, and actually rerouting negative or erroneous thought patterns. Sometimes they’re simply because you’ve experienced something that’s very difficult to accept.

It’s good that you’re here and sharing your feelings. You are not alone.

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