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Day 13 (beginning)

Unsure about today on what to do with myself I don’t know how to prioritize what’s important and what needs to be done due to the current situation at hand. During these 13 days you know, was really hard on myself to find work and I have opportunity that’s not the issue I think it’s more of the income thing and me learning to let go of materialistic items where it comes to the things I want and the things I need. Walking this morning and talking to my mother and and this newfound support system it helps me realize some things I do need to let go but I do know that I’m not perfect I do know that I have a lot of things that I need to overcome. Still overwhelmed from the experience I had last night I walked to a meeting and the meeting wasn’t actually available there but they’re online site said it was and then on the way back I saw a motorcycle accident and I don’t know where I’m going with this maybe I’m just a little bit jumbled right now but today I’m sober I have a meeting to go to at noon. and I guess I have to take life from there? During my walk to that meeting I felt very very consumed with an overwhelming feeling that you know I may need to hide my Identity or hide where I’m at and and stuff and during that walk I I told myself or whoever it is out there watching me right now and guiding me to take control it’s your problem now not mine. I don’t want this no more like I don’t want to handle it like I it’s yours you you take care of it not me and maybe I just needed that walk just to clear my head and and getting back to where I needed to be just the flood of support through heart support in this community really opened my eyes that I’m not alone I’m not the only one going through this and you know I keep hearing about how people want to hear my story and to be honest my story is I feel is just beginning well here’s till today day 13 lucky number 13 huh


Congratulations on your continued sobriety! That’s huge! Amazing!

I only have a few minutes right now, but one thing among the many that resonated with me was learning to let go of material things/wants. I’ve watched many of the Minimal Mom’s YouTube posts. They were extremely helpful for me. Her husband is on there some so you get his perspective too. It may help you in your thinking about “stuff.”

Your discription of your walk made me this of the verse, “Cast all your cares (anxiety) on Him because He cares for you.”

Blessings as you make your way. You are not alone~

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