Day 15 (ending)

Well.,…time is needed…im rushing into things I believe are not the avenues for me.maybe my interests of things I love and have passion for are blinding the reach I’m looking to grasp…there is no finish line or tape I need to cross…who am I trying to impress???am I trying to get everyone’s acceptance at once 15 days sober???am I wrong for trying to find what’s right for me in the wrong place out of passion???I’m alil confused with my self…but I do have my sobriety today…I have been practicing what the who and what I was differently now…a different way…I guess that’s it…time to really find out the information first before diving in head first into cement…one day at a time.


Diving head first into concrete doesn’t sound like a good option! One day at a time works much better, sometimes one moment at a time…

I’m proud of you! making your sober way👣

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Hey @Ryan1

I like this post, I think its so important to to think before you leap into anything and its really ok to take your time, there is never any rush esp with life decisions, you have been through a lot and if you want to think about where you are going and what you are doing then you absolutely should. This week has prob been incredibly overwhelming, coming here, meeting new people getting into new things and experiences is different but a little scary and can leave you feeling lost. No one here wants you to feel that way. You of course can post as much as you need to. I am so proud of what you have achieved and truly hope your path continues forward towards peace, happiness and many good years.
much Love Lisalovesfeathers. :green_heart:

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Wanting to let everyone know that you are sober and wanting to feel even more accomplished in your recovery is absolutely understandable - and somehow positive! It shows that you are really eager to heal and put in the effort to work on these demons of yours. That’s a wonderful energy that you have there! But as you are healing, you are also learning to be patient with yourself - which is a KEY element to any type of recovery. Never go faster than music and just as you’ve said, approach this sobriety one day at a time. That way, you will make sure that your walking pace is safe and strong, so you don’t fall down. Progressively, you will feel more and more confident. Each step of this journey will come in due time my friend.

You got this. I believe in you. :hrtlegolove:

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Hey @Ryan1,

Just sending a reminder of love your way. I hope you’re hanging in there. Make sure to rely on your support group and action group if you need it. You are loved and cared for. No matter how things are, I believe in you and am rooting for you. :hrtlegolove:

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@Micro hey !!!surprising alot has happen but I’m on my way to get therapy and medication now,still sober and striving for it one day at a time.i haven’t wrote ina while but I love ,the love,you guys spread so guys definitely impact the side of which many don’t and very much appreciated.


Gosh, you rock @Ryan1! This is so good! Freaking proud of you. Thank you for sharing these updates. May therapy and medications be a good outlet for you. It may be challenging at first and take time for you to find the right fit, but it’s a road that is absolutely worth to walk on. You got this. :hrtlegolove:

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