Day 17 (11minutes in)

God .grant me the serenity,to accept the things I can not change,the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to no the difference.

I’m rolling into these thoughts of her,a thought of being incarcerated,and willingness of faith and realization of of my own peril due to drinking.

I keep reliving a fantasy that has even happened.outcomes and stopping myself and distracting myself with some thing else.saying what I started this with …a unfathomable amount of times yesterday because today .I’m awake I need to sleep…


That’s a nice prayer. Also, keep in mind, success is built minute by minute, hour by hour. If things start getting rough, remind yourself, you only need to worry about the next minute or hour. When that has passed, deal with subsequent hours the same way. Build a cathedral one brick at a time. Build a life, one minute at a time. The thought of building a cathedral can be overwhelming, but placing a single brick feels very doable.

It’s good to know that you’re succeeding.

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It is admirable to see your journey and willingness to keep trying, especially during some more vulnerable days. I hope this prayer has helped you find the peace that your heart needed at the time. I also hope that you keep making sure to get the rest you need when your mind wanders. You got this, Ryan.

PS - Just a little request on my end: could you please keep your daily posts going on one topic only? (instead of creating new topics each day, just responding to the same posts as daily entries). That way, it will keep the forum landing page more organized and other people who read your posts could directly see everything in one topic, which will help people to support you the best and understand your situation.

Hold Fast. We believe in you. :hrtlegolove:

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Upon your request yes I will.learning is something new to me and thank you.i appreciate this alot and everyone’s words has been so inspiring.ill keep it simple @Micro

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