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Day 2 discord day 12 (ending)

WTF JUST HAPPENED…it almost seems to unreal or just…idk…this feeling of anxiety over everything…gone…is this real…ok…so to end today’s apprently I was the topic of discussion…what!!! Get out of here!!! So I decided to go on twitch today to check out a live stream which was pretty dam cool,very much insightful along the lines of many topics ranging from hurt to a “magic the gathering meets a.i. simulator for art”…and out of nowhere was a familiar “hey u made it!!!” On chat…not the streamer…then another one I recognized…it felt so good.but earlier in the day before my meeting I was ask a question of “why” …why do I want to be apart of something that takes action toward mental health and I’m sure a lot of other things…I decided in that coffee shop to not convince ,but to talk,reveal,and to be something other then what I’ve been in the past…before you know it…I got a responces that only something else could of wrote…no these are not bots…there actual people,actual loving caring people…Ive heard of heart support before through the avenue of music and to be specific,the band “silent planet” then hearing As I lay dieings story and how much I related to tims story…with all this I found hope today…actual serenity maybe and I know with my actions recently I should be proud of myself and as I peel this fucking onion apart,it’s defense mechanism reeks the surrounding and only tears of joy ,happiness and and beautiful ending and so prepared for more…
So many emotions rn…only to prepare for what this community has for me…I accept this journey…


so happy you are in this community, ryan, and felt the love of SWAT (support wall action team who sent those replies tonight!), your new action group, and twitch chat surround you. i’m so excited for the journey ahead! let’s peel some onions and make those tears always one of joy and happiness! :hrtlegolove: