Day 33 (beginning)

Being 33 days sober has taught me a lot. I made it this far and gained a lot. I have 72 more hours till I have to face something kind of serious, I have to fly back to the state that my ex is located ,to deal with a criminal charge I’ve played a part in. I’m also meeting a DCFS worker to plead my case with her not to close the case. (I don’t know if I should close it because I’m shedding light upon the situation and learning that she has conditioned both my kids to see something that wasn’t true)alil nervous,but I got to remember why I’m doing this.i feel comfortable about it because I’ve retained a lawyer who has worked with me against my ex prior.(yea my hand is pretty burnt from that stove).I’m praying this will ultimately set me free so I can proceed with my life.rwgardless of the outcome ,life goes on right?


keep on keeping on, friend!

Thank you for sharing your progress, and I hope that things work out for the best with your matter.

We’re here for ya! You matter :slight_smile:

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Hey friend, thanks for being here. Sending some prayers and good vibes your way!

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Hey Ryan, 33 days of strength through I am sure have been some intense and dreadfully difficult days, but you have done it and you have not only done it but you have got through it stronger, more learned and it seems to me that you are so much more aware of where you want to be or at least where you are going in your life. I know myself I have seen a change in the way you talk in the short time you have been here and I feel truly honoured to have been able to see that.
The next few days etc no doubt sound like they are not going to be easy buy you have a clear head, a lawyer and you appear to know what needs to be done and I truly hope also that this will set you free because you are working so hard to set yourself free.
Whatever happens Ryan please remember we are here, we are litereally a few words away, you are in our thoughts and in our hearts and we will be with you through all of this. Yes life does indeed go on and yours is going to be a good one when this passes.
Please let us know how you are doing. Much love as always.
Lisalovesfeathers. :green_heart:


Man, Lisa !!! If poop smelled great,your words are the shit!!!..(wait)…lol ok I’m sure u get what I mean…(in hopes) I got to say I will definitely keep the updates coming throughout this and will definitely be in contact,y’all are my family.and I’m beyond excited to just get this over with.

This is going to set me free,regardless of the outcome.i may have not been responsible during my drinking day,but I’m accountable now.thank u for being my friend Lisa,send me some feathers so I can fly away!!!

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Lol I did understand perfectly what you meant and you did make me laugh. I have gone one better here is a pic of my baby to send you luck and hopefully that face will bring you back to this family safe, sound and happy. Much Love. x

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