Day 33 (ending)

“Forget my name…forget my face…it was all just just empty space…dead weight; is no longer apart of me…” “wage war -jonny cash (stripped)”


Well…I’m apart of something that is greater then my self,my pride needs to be stripped from me,as the freedoms I endure under my will… I no longer want myself to be in control,as I feel this mental disorder or just my own thoughts render tears to reach my beard.but these eye irritations are NOT a trashing my image now…it’s only to reveal what needs to be done…with this new found support through AA and this platform of love and understanding of many instabilities we all go through,relations or not…I’m finding myself give myself up in ways I never imagined…seen…or portrayed…or even a fucking care on a stereotype from a stranger…I’m finally drawing a line in front of me that will test my every decision ,I feel…thank for you showing me the strength I never had…


hi ryan,

thank you for sharing these raw thoughts with your heartsupport community - you know we are always here to lift you up and support you. sometimes the tears revealing what needs to be done and the truths beyond us. so happy you’ve found these communities that can help you realize your power, value, and the love you deserve. you’re awesome, ryan, and i’m thankful you’re in this heartsupport community. sending you so much love and comfort, my friend.



Hello Ryan,

I am always so proud of you for posting here & letting us see the progression that you are currently going through. Life can be difficult, but it can also be amazing. Remember to give yourself grace & create spaces that allow you to rest. You are amazing. You are valid. You are strong. You are worthy. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


I’m so happy to hear you have found support through AA, which is a fantastic organization. Many others are going thru what you are, and I’m so proud of you for taking time to give an update. You matter.


You are revealing that strength to yourself, @Ryan1, and it’s a strength that’s always been a part of you. Sometimes life happens in a way that make us use many different filters in order to chase the pain and chaos away. But through the pain, there is so much bravery, resilience and grace to find for ourselves. You have not entered this fight without weapons as you are your greatest asset. It takes time, healthy environments, safe relationships and the willingness to give yourself a chance. This journey that you uncover wouldn’t be possible without you. We’re all so proud of you. :hrtlegolove: