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Day 49 (accountability)

Accountability and respect for my sobriety is paramount.i find myself being more adaptive and aware of situations that may lead me to drink…I’ve recently traveled to Maryland on work,for a month…it’s day 3 here…I’m with someone who struggles with mental illness and he is also a drug addict.watchibg him and seeing how he mentally comprehends and solves problems is making me see how I was as a person when I drunk…smoked and handled myself…(I’m cringing)…I also feel bad for him so much…I’m trying to as of right now stop him from leaving over something he caused with the staff…over a atm not printing a receipt…it’s something so small a ant could handle…but who am I to judge .I was just like him…I guess what it comes down to is willingness and accountability …am I right or wrong???I’m praying today goes smooth for me…


Hey Ryan,

Congrats on 49 days! That is absolutely phenomenal what you’ve achieved. I hope you celebrate yourself every day a bit for being committed, persistent, and doing the work and coping with difficult situations in a healthy way.
I understand how much it affects you to see someone struggling this much. Maybe this is a reminder not only of where you’ve been but also where you don’t want to be anymore. Make sure to take good care of yourself and to set clear boundaries. You have not only every right but also the responsibility to prioritize your own recovery. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being there for him and trying to support him, but the decision can only come from him - I’m sure you’re well aware of that from your own experience.

It is great you’re holding yourself accountable. You truly are an inspiration. I hope you’ve been doing well since you posted. You can be so very proud of yourself. I for sure am.


Hey there @Ryan1

I’m glad you are continuing on your journey. I know that you are doing great work overcoming the struggles of addiction and CHOOSING sobriety.

I think it is a great insight to be on the outside looking in on your coworker’s situation. Hopefully you can set an good example for your coworker. Keep in mind you can’t change someone else/can’t control their choices. Don’t let them drag you down with their bad habits and keep up the good work friend :slight_smile:

Enjoy the opportunity to explore this area this month and appreciate it with a clear lens of sobriety!

Take care <3/Mish


From: Rohini_868

Hi Ryan1,

As always, thank you for sharing your journey with us. It’s also amazing to see how you’ve been growing in empathy as well, and being able to kindly look at the struggles of others.

Being away from home for a month sounds like a bit of an adventure as well. And I do hope that you can find some meetings where you are. Of course, we are always here for you too!

Continue doing the brave things you’ve been choosing to do every single day, and making the right choices for yourself and your sobriety every day. I’m so proud of you, friend.


From: ManekiNeko

so great to hear from you and to see all the work you’ve made on yourself. All the progress. I can understand how it would feel to almost be looking in a mirror of the past. I do hope that you’re still being strong and can be proud of yourself. I also hope that your friend sees you and where you are and it makes an impact on him to think about what needs to change in his life.


From: twixremix

hi ryan,

it’s awesome to hear from you again! i’m glad that you are finding more awareness in your triggers to drink. knowing and avoiding those triggers are the strongest strategy to keep moving forward on your goals. maryland is a beautiful state, i loved travelling there in the past years. try some of their blue crab if you’re a seafood fan!

that willingness and accountability that you embody is truly admirable and will be crucial to your continuous progress. you’re making such awesome progress, ryan, and i hope you feel proud of your journey. keep moving forward and those around you, like this guy you write about in your post, will hopefully see you rising to new heights and choose to join you. you got this, ryan!



From: Mamadien

Ryan1, your self awareness at where you are in your recovery is big and serves you well. That you are aware at what your co-worker is struggling with and can see the outcome and difficulty they face is good. And it seems that it is helping you stay the course. If you are going to AA, I hope you are doing so in your temporary location also. Stay the course my friend, you are stronger than you know and I’m cheering for you.


Hello Ryan,

I always enjoy reading your updates & I am always encouraged. You have been doing so well. I am heckin’ proud of you. Keep on going with taking one step at a time & keep your chin pointed towards the sun. You are amazing. Thank you for being you.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hey Ryan,

It’s great to heart from you again! I am so glad to read your progress, and that you are continuing to learn and grow along your journey. Each day that your choose to continue your sobriety, is another victory.

Seeing someone whom is going through similar struggles as you were can be quite the experience - both in seeing your past self making mistakes, going through struggles, knowing the logic that may be going through their head. The reminders of your past self, and a measure of where you are today.

As for helping your coworker, I’d suggest leading by example the best you can. Show them what making the hard choices leads to. Be friendly, supportive, and a good person, while showing them that sobriety can be the way to get away from some of these struggles he is currently going through.

Hope to hear back from you again, friend :hrtlegolove:


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Ryan, I never give up on an opportunity to tell you how awesome you are and how amazingly well you are doing. I am sorry that person was struggling, I wish they could see how great you have done and learn from you… maybe one day they will. Yes you may have been like that but look how far you have come. Keep strong, keep going keep posting Lisa. x


@mishsim hey thank u for acknowledging,he’s a good soul not gonna lie and he himself is respects it aswell. @DiscordReply @twixremix @StarFox @everyone!!! As my head leans on this hotel …(another reply beeps) @Taladien …I…(being bombed by the one and only @lisalovesfeathers)… :blush: Dam…a deep breath and a reply is a must for my family here…there’s so much to say and I want to begin with I love everyone here.anyone who decides it’s time to battle these demons we so cal mental disorders or addiction…if you here screaming at the type board then y’all in the right place for the listening ear,a right suggestion,and clear cut advice on what avenue to take…thank u guys so much…by the way I’ll will be getting my 60 day coin here in Maryland August 15 the !!!and I can’t wait to give another “day” update.thank u for the bombs of love…remember prepare for darkness while traveling in sunlight


I cant wait for Aug 15th I will make a note. x