Day 60 (determined)

Day 60 of being sober, I’m very proud of myself it’s the longest I’ve ever been sober outside of being incarcerated. There’s a lot of things that I’m starting to realize that I need to do for myself when it comes to budgeting, self worth, and focusing on the things at hand versus the outcomes that may prelude into the future. I also think that I have an addiction towards sex, even saying that now is kind of revealing to me because I always kept that inside so, saying that today is a big step for me. I’m on my fourth step I believe I completed my resentments. Tomorrow I’m going to be able to go to an AA meeting to pick up my coin just can’t afford it right now. I’m excited to keep continuing with the steps AA bring to the table. I also bought a guitar I’ve been playing a lot of music lately and actually one of my Foreman’s for work has his guitar too so we’ve been jamming together, I’ve been feeling really good about it, makes me feel whole again. Haven’t posted in a while so with this 60-day completion of being sober and going through these steps I’m starting to feel a little complete like I have a little bit more control of my life now. Thank you for having this platform for me to express myself in a lot of variant different ways. I appreciate everybody who I’ve met through this platform made some friends and it feels very good finally I actually have a network that’s working for me.


Hi there @Ryan1,

Congratulations on 60 days! That’s amazing and I’m so proud of you for your resilience! I’m also glad that you posted on this platform and am so proud of all your progress.

I’m also proud of you for having the courage to admit (to yourself and to HeartSupport) that you may have a sex addiction. I personally know how hard that can be, and it took me years to admit the same thing to myself. Congratulations on taking the step of admitting that this may be an addiction that you are experiencing; that’s huge! Please remember that addictions (and urges, and relapses) are never something to be ashamed of, and that you can push through all of these challenges.

I’m also so glad to hear that music brings joy into your life and that you are feeling whole! It really is great to hear that you are feeling more in control of your life and that you are doing better.

I hope you continue on this upward trajectory!

<3 Tuna

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Man, you’re doing so good. Ever since you’ve started to share about your journey here, you’ve never stopped being a real inspiration to me. Your resilience and perseverance are admirable. Your vulnerability is a beautiful strength. 60 DAYS – what a milestone! You better be proud of yourself! I sure am proud of you, friend! And also so very proud of you for starting to put words on sex addiction too. These are once again some very huge and powerful steps.

It’s also so good to hear how sobriety has been allowing you to feel this beautiful spark of life again. You explore new things, you focus on different aspects of your life that maybe were neglected for a while. Well done Ryan. You’re unstoppable!

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@Micro you are unstoppable especially your artwork when it comes to pokémon, your words literally run through people like a dagger and I appreciate every single letter you put into my story.

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Haha, you’re too kind.

Now that you’ve mentioned it: what is your next milestone in terms of days? And what is your fav’ Pokemon? I’d love to draw one for you to celebrate your next achievement! It’s not much, but just my humble way to encourage you and to keep rooting for you. I believe in you. :hrtlegolove:

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@Micro the first number that comes to my mind when I think milestone is 120 days another 60 days I think that would be something beautiful for me at least and just to put a cool reference in your head I think a Raichu would be freaking amazing. Maybe decked out in cool biomechanical looking kind of stuff. Happy sketching thank you @Micro

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Big 60!! confetti canon
So proud of you, for the milestone and also for doing all the hard work to reach this point!!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

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