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Day11 prove it!

They say the first step in the morning determines the way the day is going to be going today .so the first thing I did today was make my bed ,had some coffee ,after reading some love from you guys it really put me in a good spot today and I’m going to take the advice and not be so hard on myself today. I’m also unsure still about a lot of things but I know this is a grown process ,that I can keep going forward well here’s to a day today and I’m feeling actually kind of myself a little bit.
In the back of my head I still have a lot of resentment towards my issue right now and how I hurt others and and just to let them go just seems so impossible because of how much I actually care.


Hey Ryan1

I don’t know about first steps. I would say you have made a huge leap today and I am really pleased and incredibly proud of you. Every day will be a new day, there of course will be good ones and bad ones but please never forget that we as a community are right here to help you you. You can write your thoughts, your worries and share your success here and we will happily be around to support you through it all if that is what you would choose.
The resentment you talk of I would imagine is perfectly normal and something that you will be able to talk about and learn to manage as you go through your journey, its all part of growning and learning to forgive yourself and move forward which I have absolutely no doubt you can do, You sound like a lovely person who deserves that. I for one cant wait to see your growth.
Letting things go doesnt mean not caring, quite the opposite it means caring enough to leave things where they belong safely and moving to new things and experiences.
All in good time yeah. You are valued here and loved. Lisalovesfeathers. x


@Lisaw1973 thank you so much.its beyond my control of all this.accepting it is the message I got today I think to myself.and relating everything so far is becoming more here for the long haul.not just the experience.