Dealing with intense anger

I’m so suicidal about my friend leaving me. I’m nothing without her and I feel so betrayed by her. She hurt me so bad, I’m trying to forgive her, but the pain is too much, the anger is too much. I love her and hate her at the same time. I want to hurt in worst way, that what scare me. I hate myself for it, my feelings are so intense I can’t stop it. It getting to much, I know lost without her, I’m nothing without her.


Metalskater, if you are feeling unsafe please, please, please go find your mother or call your therapist.

I’m sorry you’re hurting so much.

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Hi Friend,
I understand how very hard this has been and continues to be for you. When you love a person and it is not reciprocatied it hurts so bad but you cannot change how a person feels as much as you want to and I know you want to its just not possible. You are very much something without her, you were before her and you are still. You had a life before you met her and your life will continue and as the sadness ebbs and IT WILL things will get better and you will start to feel happier. You feel lost but you start to find yourself I promise you that. I have been in love with someone who didnt love me and it is a very hard place to be in and it feels like you are never going to be free of it, but you get free and move on. Suicide is not the answer and changes nothing. You are worth so much more.
Please reach out to someone near you, let them know how desperate you are to talk and that you need help. You are loved friend. xx


I’m so sorry for your loss of this friendship. Losing friends is so hard, especially when they were super close and now suddenly they aren’t anymore. I’m also sorry she hurt you. Coming to peace with what she did will come with time, as well as realizing that you ARE something without her. You were a valuable person before you knew her, you were a valuable person during your friendship with her, and you are a valuable person now even without her. Your worth is not based in someone else. I also understand how hurt you must be, it probably stings so bad right now. All healing comes with time, though. We are here for you, and we are more than happy to tell you your worth without this friend <3