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Dealing with intense emotions

Yesterday, I really wanted to quit music. I could not do scream on my song. Had to hire someone to do my vocals on my song. Lately I have not been practicing cuase what the point. Everyone hates my music and I feel like I’m never good enough.

It’s suck I would go out my way to see people shows, buy thier merch, buy thier CDs and support them. I’m honestly I really do like the music. But , no did the same fir me, and they talk shit about my music behind close door. To be fair I do the same, but it cause I don’t kill someone passion and tell them not to do what they love.

But does suck, I can never achieve anything in music. I turn into a self central egotistical sexist dough bag that take his anger over little comments. That have to prove myself to and everyone that does respect my music, turns into my enemy. I wanted punch everyone that talk shit about my music. I’m ashamed that I have these feelings, that ego get the best of me.



You are being honest about your mistakes and the situation you are in. It won’t last forever. You will have the support of your music soon. Keep pressing on.

Hey there @Metalskater1990, I’m sorry that you feel like people hate your music, I can’t imagine how that feels. If they’re talking bad about you and your music, they don’t deserve to be in your life. I think that you have every right to be upset when people make bad comments about your music because I know how that passion can literally feel like a part of you. Please don’t give up on your craft, you just need to find the right people to listen. Feel free to share your music with me, I’d love to hear it. :hrtlegolove: