Dealing with unsafe, predatory, and stalkerish people

I have a group of people who are really harassing towards me saying predatory threats and illegal plans towards me that are all from me being a sex repulsed asexual who should have “lost my virginity by now” and alot of horrible things that the police have had to get on. It’s caused me a lot of trauma as someone who is a sex repulsed asexual to the point I’ve had a mindset of thinking of a surgery called nullification since I never plan to have sex anyway, and there wouldn’t be anything for unsafe people to go for. I’ve admitted this to mental health specialists with one of these people overhearing this, and then just admitting they get off on traumatizing sex repulsed faggots, and trying to put them through corrective y’know. How would you deal with people like this?


Hey @Furby83,

Thank you for reaching out here. This sounds like a very stressful situation, and I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with so much pressure and harassment. It’s awful when it feels like there’s people in your life whose sole interest is to push the right triggers, enough to hurt you each time even more.

I don’t know who they are and what role they have in your life, but regarding your question I would certainly encourage you to distance yourself from them, set boundaries and cut off contact completely, as much as possible. It sounds that that these people don’t have any other intention than pressuring/hurting you right now, and if this has been known somehow by the police, then continuing to reporting to them what is happening would be an important move too. I hear how this is taking a toll on your own mental health and well-being, although I would like to reassure you as well that not everyone is like them. Not everyone is going to be focused on your sexual orientation, and not everyone is going to harass you like this. There are safe people out there out there and you can navigate in this world being asexual and safe at the same time. What they do, the fear they instills in you right now, is not worth making drastic decisions about your life. At least, if any surgery would have to be done, it should probably be done based on your willingness and because it would feel right for you, and not out of fear cause by someone else.

You deserve to feel safe and to have the possibility to be yourself. If possible, keep reaching out to people or even services who might be able to support you directly and protect you. :heart:

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OMG put a restraining order on those people if they are harassing you they sound dangerous I’ll keep you in my prayers