Debating the easy way out

There’s a contract in September to fix weapons and hunt terrorists, payment is $100k, odd of surviving are low, if/when I get killed they give $25k to someone of my choice. I think the best gift I could give everyone this year for my birthday is to set them free from myself. My birthday is Tuesday, I think it would be better off that I give my, “family” the good news of their son going out blazing. Maybe give myself a good enough name to be considered, “family” to them.


First all dont join the miltrary for that reason, You should not give you life up like for some stupid war. Second, you may think that no care, but we all care about you man. I know we never met in person and that you dont know. But I can understand what you are going throught. Family can be beatiful thing and can break you at time One thing that dad has taught you never relay on happness from other people. It must come from within. You dont need to go to blaze of glory, you just need to be avenage human.I never been to war, but I hear stories of what it does to people. It not video game or acton moive. Innocent people get kill by war and something that haunted the men and women that serve military.

If you free to join, but dont do to you end life. You have been here that know what you are going throgh, and we do need each, to help each other. Please take time to think about it, that all I ask.

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I already enlisted but I broke my hips, but since I’ve been out I keep getting offered more money to go do a private contract. I just am so tired of my wretched life.

Its suck to dealt with injury, it seem you limit of what you do. It you have take time to heal, not only for you hip, but for you mind too. My sister lost a friend to suicide today and it suck, I feel bad for everyone on here you know. I dealt with the same shit. At end of day, no one here want you to hurt yourself or to give up. Just be really real life suck and it okay to be pissed off or feel that we not getting what we want. So again man, it okay to be sad and be mad, no matter what dont hurt yourself or sign you life away. Dont get me wrong, I do respect you are joing the military, you have more ball than I can ever have. But remeber you worth something man. We just want you to feel safe and dont be afraid to vent about on here too. We believe in you and thank for serving our country.