Deep down in my heart i need someone care about me

i always jealous to someone i know, they still get help from their parents after leaving home and were born into money. i want to stop comparing my daily life, It’s just hard seeing them get ahead while i’m feel like stagnant.
i don’t like always like this, trying to get better at something but my envy getting more bigger when they getting better things instanst. blaming myself for not being able to afford something myself.


We love and care about you so much! I struggle with a lot of the same stuff, being envious of what other people have and everything.
I started finding ten things that I’m thankful for every morning. You can write them down or just count on your fingers. They can be anything from your cup of coffee in the morning, or your bed, or your car, whatever! It sets me in a different mindset for the day. Hope it helps. It is not your fault, but you can change your circumstances.
Hang in there.


Hey, @noisu. It’s really easy to get down on yourself and feel like you’ve been given a harder life to live than others, especially those who have been born into wealth. I always try to remember that sometimes other peoples’ lives aren’t going as well as they show everyone else. Even though someone is wealthy, they could be facing a lot of health problems, or not have many really good friends, or struggle with self-esteem problems.

There is more to life than money has to offer, and I think it’s worth focusing on the things we do have to be grateful for.


Thank you everyone. I understand the problem of why i have these negative thoughts because I’m lazy to get out of my comfort zone and i don’t believe in my own abilities or i still don’t know what my abilities are. Trying to change by joining with other people, but it seems like i just mimic their style without any changes.

Hi @noisu ,

The HeartSupport Houston Team responded to your post here. We’re with you friend!

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Thank you so much guys, you are really make my day :smiley:


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