Depressed, alone and drained

I been in a relationship for almost a year and it seems as if things are just going down the toilet. He always puts his phone face down and hides shit from me. I have suspicions of him cheating on me. I’m always the one to initiate the affection he never wants to have sex with me. I’ve helped him out in this relationship than he has done for me. And he can’t do something so simple as show me affection or even ask how I’m doing. He disappears days at a time and then talks to me when he wants. Why I am even doing this to myself?? I deserve so much better and it’s so fucked up how someone can treat their partner this way. what do I do? Help.

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Unhappiness is a perfectly valid reason to leave someone. You don’t have to wait to find out he’s cheat. Once you have suspicions, those don’t go away. And if he’s not, he’s still broken your trust by not achieving the standard of your relationship values. Get your affairs in order, and let him know it’s time to separate. Someone out there has been waiting their entire life to love you.

If you are trying to work it out, be willing to compromise and forgive. I’m not capable of doing that myself, but you have to be able to wash your hands of the past if you intend on moving forward. Good luck!!

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As you continue to be reliant on him for your happiness, you’ll miss the aspect to help yourself first.

Nobody in this world can help you be happy but yourself

And he needs to realize that too but doesn’t look like a possible outcome
Dumb him

Always think of yourself <3

Hi friend,

I went through this a couple of times in my life and I’ll tell you this, you deserve to be in a relationship with honesty and communication. If you or the person you are with feels like they have to hide their phones and messages from each other, then there is something wrong.

There needs to be a trust and an ability to communicate in order for a relationship to work. Trust can’t be had if their is secrecy like that.

I’m very sorry that they are pushing you away intimately and not fulfilling your relationship how you need.

I definitely recommend maybe setting some boundaries, some healthy relationship standards and talk about what you are feeling and see if maybe these things can be worked on and improved. And if they aren’t willing, maybe it’s time to consider stepping away from that relationship.

Sounds like it may not be very healthy and you deserve to have honesty, respect and loyalty.

I’m so sorry that you are being dragged through so much hurt right now. I hope you are able to find the courage and strength to confront it, talk it out and take the healthy action for yourself whatever that may be.

So much love to you.

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