Depression and anxiety

Hello heart support,
I’ve been having the worst days ever. Just as I was feeling a little bit better with my self.
I was talking to a guy and then he I don’t know how to say this different but, he chose another girl. I am really hurt and feel like crap. I feel like maybe there is nothing good about me.
I feel ugly, not enough for anybody and also just awful.

And in the midst of this situation I had a fight with my dad today, he started yelling and told me to go, stop telling us you’re going away and just do it. He even said I’m always like this, crazy, always having this attitude. When I swear I was cool and also just told him that if I bother so much, it’s better I go.
I was thinking and overthinking where to go but I stayed here.

I haven’t had anxiety attacks before like this, I couldn’t breath and I started crying a lot in my room.

I feel so horrible, never felt like this before.
I just need someone to talk to really. I’m trying my best but all this things pointed out that my best isn’t enough in any sphere of life. Not even in relationship, not even in my own family.
I feel worthless.

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Dear nahomi

Heartbreak sucks, but one thing to consider and I have to learn this too. That everyone get rejected, even the most beautiful, charming, confident and caring people get rejected. Sometime, people just don’t have those feeling for someone. We all picky when come to relationship and unfortunately I may myself broken a person heart. But I think look at we get rejected and hurt.

Unfortunately parent sometimes don’t understand mental health. Again, myself I have hard dealing my own anxiety and can be hard to fight those feelings. I know feel of worthless does not go away quickly. I had Tuesday and those feel get intense.

I have say to myself I have so much self hate, but I think it okay a lot your to feel shitty. Maybe try to not to you worthless, even if you feel that. Instead just I’m having a bad day or today sucks.

Trust me I know those feeling and you are great person. Good people have thier struggle and sometime shit just don’t work out. Give yourself self love and be compassionate to yourself.

Remember you are worth something, and it okay to be sad. Stay strong!!!


depression… that is 1 thing that i have

Hello, my friend :slight_smile: We discussed your post tonight on stream.

Take care,