Depression, Anxiety, Work, and school

Before i write this i just want to say thank you for taking the time to take a look at how i react to certain things and just me being me i suppose… But otherwise thank you for taking the time to read this.

I currently am 24 years old and have a pretty decent job at geek squad and currently go to school online with my computer career to further advance my career in the IT industry. The last 9 years ive had pure depression and anxiety on top of ADHD. I have had these problems over that time till now when its definitely gotten worse the last 3-4 years. Over the smallest things whether its me not succeeding at work or school or… just having a terrible day just from waking up in bed. I’ve had these demons pretty much all my life and i dont know how to vent or get rid of my frustration of waking up and feeling absolutely miserable to either go to work or just to start my day… Im stuck with that and a few other things in life that shouldn’t be focused on at all… Like my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years cheating on me or giving up on me to go to find someone else behind my back. Its always been a constant fear, the fear of loosing her is so intense that i just shut off all my emotions to her and never talk to her about what i feel and think i see… If im to be completely honest i feel like the whole word is against me and i have nothing to do but be miserable and feel so hopeless…

I guess im asking for advice… advice to pure guidance to make myself happier in the work place, at home with roommates and i guess just succeeded in life from now on. Course i take the realization that it will take time to get where i need to be, but i just feel so hopeless that i want some words of wisdom or some kind of help dealing with this… What can i do to make my life better or at least re-configure my mindset?

If you have more questions feel free to ask, im very open and honest with my life…Especially to get help if possible…

Thank you…

-Jackson Kern

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Hi Jackson,

I have struggled with depression, anxiety, BPD and ADHD my entire life. When I was younger I had no idea as I wasn’t diagnosed till much later.

Functioning day to day, like you was always very hard and still is. It effected me everywhere. School, work and relationships.

Unhealthy relationships made it even worse. Some things that I did to help better my situation and what I was going through:

  • I filtered my friends list and social circles to healthy friends. I removed the toxic and unhealthy people. I left relationships that weren’t supportive and bringing good in my life, behind.

  • I found a therapist and a psychiatrist so that they could help me work through what I was going through.

  • Even though I struggled with giving in, I finally accepted to try medication. And allowed myself to know and realize that it IS okay to take medicine. It takes time and patience to find the right medications but it helped me A LOT when I found the right ones

  • I allowed myself to realize that it also takes time to find the right doctors and therapists. It’s okay to change them if your current one isn’t working out. I went through a lot of doctors and therapists before finding the right one.

  • And I also tried to focus on my hobbies and things I enjoy to help me work through my mental health struggles. For me that is painting. What things do you love and enjoy?!

I know that therapy isn’t for everyone. And I know not everyone has insurance or can afford it. Heart Support is partnered with an online service called BetterHelp. If you go to their Twitch page at there is a link in their panels that gives you a 7 day free trial for online counseling. Maybe this could help you? Yes you have to enter a credit card to sign up, but as long as you cancel BEFORE the 7 days are up they will not charge you. You can also apply for financial aid in their services and may be able to get a discount. So I encourage you to try if you are willing.

Heart Support also has resources to those who are struggling. Dwarf Planet is a guide book through depression. If you click This link it will take you to their shop where they will send you the book at no charge to you. Maybe this can be of help to you. :heart:

I’m sorry you are struggling my friend. I hope that you are able to find strength and courage to fight through this. And I hope that you are able to find ways that will be a helping hand when you are struggling. You are not alone.

So much love to you my friend

  • Kitty
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