Depression Denial

I’ve been noticeably depressed the past two weeks but I’ve kept telling myself that I’m not depressed.

Ever since leaving my job and waiting for classes to start I haven’t been leaving my house as often and I’m just really tired. I’ve been really hungry and restless aswell.

Well now that I’m not stuffing it down I do feel sadder but I also feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I’m gonna go to the gym to clear my mind.

P.S I made myself a nice breakfast this morning and I’m really proud of myself for it. Who knew cooking was beneficial to mental and emotional wellbeing


Going to the gym is pretty effective in releasing “feel good” endorphins. That’s why there’s such a thing as a “runner’s high.”

You’re life is on hold, and a change is coming. The related apprehension can cause depression. Acknowledging the depression is good, as suppressing it can cause it to manifest in regrettable ways. If the feeling persists after you resume classes, it’d be a good idea to talk to your doctor or counselor about it.

I’m hoping it’s an episode that will pass.

Stay in touch. Let us know how you’re doing.

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It’s interesting how sometimes the more we push something away and the heavier it gets. Well done, @OMAMfan, for putting words on how you’ve been feeling lately. Doing this sometimes comes with its part of guilt or disappointment. I hope you know that you are doing well for being vulnerable, reaching out and seeking ways to help yourself during this difficult time. You’ve been feeling depressed lately, but you are not letting this defeat or control you, and that is beautiful. Way to go with the gym and the breakfast as well. These are such fundamental steps in order to take care both of your mind and body. Keep it up, friend. I believe in you. :hrtlegolove:


From: ManekiNeko

it’s not always easy to take note of when our mental health is declining, and you’ve done that and it’s wonderful. Yes you stated you’ve been in denial about it, but in someway you still acknowledge it’s happening.
Sometimes it is freeing to acknowledge it even if we aren’t in the right place to deal with it right now. I’m so proud of you too! Honestly cooking can be so much fun, I never thought I’d enjoy it, but putting in a YouTube video and taking my time with it really makes me feel happy.
You can get such a sense of productivity and accomplishment too. I’m proud of you for getting out to the gym as well. It’s easy to fall into a bit of a slump and be weighed down by the negative feelings when they arise.
I hope you are still on the improve! Thank you for sharing

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