Depression & Insecurities About My Self-Worth

From joyceleemusic: I had a best friend for a few years who I cared deeply about. She got into a toxic narcissistic relationship with someone and we lost touch. After that ended, I gradually started hearing from her again and really hoped that maybe our friendship could come back but it’s never been the same. I ended up moving into her house and moved out a few months later because the landlord was selling the house in Dec of 2022. Subsequently, I’ve dealt with a plethora of health issues and significant life events non-stop for about 8 months including unexpected surgery in February. She didn’t reach out or pay me my deposit back. I asked and finally she told me she ran into hard times and spent my deposit but didn’t have it. I told her about my health issues and asked over and over again about a payment plan to which she just stated she would pay me when she had it.

Fast forward it’s now September… I moved out in December… legally I should have received my deposit back 21 days after moving out. I am on food stamps. I had a period of time where I couldn’t work because of my health issues and it is still like pulling teeth to get a response from her let alone money. I have only gotten a portion of my deposit back and when I expressed to her how much the lack of communication was hurting me, she has not acknowledged it, just acted like I’m an inconvenience. I feel so cast aside and taken advantage of. I didn’t do anything wrong and the stress from this situation has absolutely exacerbated my health issues. This person used to be my best friend. All I’ve wanted to do today was cry. I couldn’t focus on work. I am so heartbroken.


Hi there friend :wave:t2:

You appear to have gone through some real tough times recently. I hear you when you say your feeling hurt and frustrated. Loss of a friendship is tough, but it’s clear to see how much it meant to you. It’s very hurtful and annoying when you give your all, but recieve nothing in return.

Health issues and money worries are challenging to navigate, however with the unresolved issues of the friendship with your friend in question, if makes it even more hard. Please remember that you’ve not done anything wrong in this situation. You deserve to be treated with respect and compassion.

Your friend shows no understanding of your situation. It’s clear to see that just do not care. I think you should give her one final opportunity. This means you expressing your needs, boundaries one last time. If there is still response you would then look at the best way to get your money back

Your strength in handling so many difficult challenges is crystal clear. It’s inspiring to see that you have this strength and care to get through this tough time. It’s important to remember that you deserve better. Lean on those around you who do care for support

You’re most certainly not alone! There is hope for moving forward :heart:

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