Depression is kicking my ass

Been having a rough few days been unable to leave the house the last couple of days do to my agoraphobia and anxeity. I have a appointment this week too see about tms treatments and that has me a little worried feels weird thinking I’m gonna have a magnet rewire my brain. It sounds like some quack science bullshit to me but my government ran clinic offers it so that must be legit and it’s just about as crazy as microdosing ketameane nothing like using a horse tranquilizer to cure depression right ?


I think it’s definitely worth a try. It’ll probably take a bit of time before you know if it’s working for you. It doesn’t “rewire” the brain. It’s more a case of helping the existing wiring (neural connections) communicate better. Here’s a link that you might find informative.

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It makes sense to wonder if this legit or not, as it seems to be part of non-conventional types of treatment. When we think about depression and anxiety, we are more used to lean towards medications as a potential “treatment”, but science is also in constant progress and discovery, which can make new trials interesting to consider. I completely understand why this raises many questions and worries you. If you’d like to, it could be good to anticipate a little bit this appointment by preparing a list of questions and concerns that you have right now, so you could make the best of this meeting and have all the information you need to make decisions afterwards. The doctors there are going to be a source of information and basically your guide on that matter.

Just like any other type of treatment, it could be effective in general but also the way it would affect you is going to be completely personal, and partially based on how reassured you are regarding the process itself. In any case, you can be proud of yourself for seeking help and considering new ways to address your struggles. It is certainly a road paved with many obstacles, but you keep pursuing and taking care of yourself, which needs to be acknowledged, really.

Let us know how it goes, if that is okay for you. :hrtlegolove:

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