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depression is like a bottomless pit. you’re clinging onto little cracks on the wall from the inside but you’re barely holding your grip. therapy is like a rope that’s thrown at you, to grasp something you can be assured if u just reach out you have the chance to get out.


Yes to both. The bottomless part of the pit is such a great way to put it. Usually it’s described as “being at the bottom of a pit”, but there is always this looming threat with depression that you could fall, and be in this forever sensation of dying, of losing it all. That existential threat feels like such a danger - meanwhile, you’re clinging on, and feel like you never have enough strength to keep yourself up the whole day.

And then therapy being a rope, something that gives you an extra handle hold, a path upward, something that is there with you as you do the work to climb up…

Brilliant metaphors.


Keep holding on! It’s worth it!

How you have described depression is brilliant. A bottomless pit, you never quite know where the bottom is, it’s dark and at times the sides can feel like they are closing in. If you look up, while your fingers and toes grasp to the edges of the cracks, you can see light and hope above. But can I get there on my own? Or will I lose my grip on the way? Yessss.

Likewise, therapy being that rope you can reach out and grab onto - so true. You can hang on and hope to be pulled out by others, or you can use the therapy rope to help you climb your way out. And when we use the help of therapy to climb our way out, we find that we become stronger for the work to get to the top.

Well said my friend. Well said.

@heartsupport thanks a lot. happy it resonates