Depression, loneliness and frustration

Hi guys, I am feeling really weary. I mostly hate my life. I am so lonely and frustrated in many ways, I miss so many people, animals and things. My [ online ] stalker started up on me again a few months ago and he’s caused trouble with my neighbours, so I am having to look to move yet again, but obviously the Coronavirus is stopping that from happening. It’s only my two cats and best friend who are keeping me going right now!

If you have a stalker in the neighborhood, the first thing you must to do is call the police!
It’s normal to miss people in this troubled times, but don’t you have social media? Or Skype? Or Zoom? With this, you can talk with your friends/family and ask for the animals if they’re good etc…

They stalk me online and contact my neighbours and people in my town about me.

And? The cyberpolice exist, you can call the police and explain them the problemes, they can do something about this!

There is sadly no such thing as international cyber-police in relation to online stalking, defamation and harassment. Police are relatively powerless when it comes to most online personal crime. The Courts also don’t take it anywhere near as seriously as they should.

Are you sure there’s no way? Don’t you have any hacker friend or stuff like that ?

Tried everything I could think of. Having to take them to County Court for fifth time for breaching a court order

hi friend,
I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I understand how you’re feeling and want you to know you aren’t alone. It’s completely normal to feel this way, especially during weird times like this. I want to remind you that you are strong, capable, and worthy of nothing but love.
Is there a way you could block your stalker or get in contact with someone who can help you with this issue? Someone that you trust?
About moving, I think that’s a great idea if it means surrounding yourself with a more positive environment and helping you grow:) Although you can’t move right now because of the virus, maybe you can start saving some money and looking for a place to live and just kind of getting the process of moving started? Maybe that would help you feel better about things and set a goal for yourself?