Depression (so on)

I’ve been crying everyday almost bc of this girl. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t even look at her face. It kinda makes me sick to the stomach. And more angry.


Im sorry its been so hard.

Hopefully you dont have too much time until graduation when you will be able to move on to new things.

Do you think you would benefit from learning some skills to manage your emotions a bit? With practice, we can try to intervene with our thoughts.

When you see, can you pretend to not be affected? Like dont give her any reaction, just try to walk away?

You had mentioned someone was going to have a chat with her? How did that go?

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Hey Katelynn,

Have you talked with anyone about this at your school or a parent you trust? Having this go to authority figures would and should put a stop to this stuff to a degree.

I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this kind of consistent bullying. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment from anyone.

Just remember that there’s nothing wrong with you and it’s very likely that other person is taking out some sort of insecurity on you.

Stay strong my friend and keep us posted. We’re here for you.

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I don’t know how old are you, but there is one thing that time will teach you, is that offensive words are just words, and they should not affect you. When they do, the person who did it feels powerful, and yet they are just people who are desperate: to be cool; to be accepted; to be validated.
If you realise this, then you’ll probably only feel pity for her, and this feeling of anger will go away.

Hi Katelynn,
have you reached out further ? take this serious, speak to your parents, friends or at school with someone.
other people try to overcome their problems, their own struggles with making others uncomfortable.
bullying should never be accepted, there is a line that should never be crossed and that all starts with a very young
age. and the consequences will follow for an entire life.
you are not responsible for her actions, you only decide yours. how you react to it, what you make with it.
how you people treat is your karma, how they react, is theirs.
try not to let that ruin your life, your day. you are more then that. you matter most !

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I’m very sorry my friend I know how you feel this will soon pass remember girls come and go just ficus on yourself.

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Katelynn, Its very hard when there is someone in your life that says or does mean things to you, it can be really upsetting and I think most people can relate to that horrible sick in the stomach feeling however the best way to win or overcome a situation like this is to move forward, every time you hurt they are getting the better of you and they don’t deserve that power. Take the power back. You are strong. Take it easy. Lisa. x

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hard to be in a place where you can’t get unstuck from your emotions - where you fall into a pit and there is no way out…when every time you think of something else it just comes flying back in your face. It is so hard to get out of that rut - it feels like you need resolution, or some kind of recompense or closure or SOMETHING to move through it but when you’re in this place where you can’t do anything about it, you just get caught in these anger, fixation loops and it is miserable