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I feel I’m the only one without a partner. All of my friends are now married with a family.


I cannot completely relate because I do have a boyfriend. However he is military and almost all of our friends are married and having kids or already have them. Please know that it is okay that you don’t have those things yet. There is only a timeline set by society to pressure us into having things by a certain period in our lives but it’s all made up. It’s a sorry thing but don’t lose hope or give up or feel inadequate. The right person will find his/her way to you when the time is right. But for now, understand you are not worth less because you aren’t on the same track as your friends

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From: 1sadmoose

as hard as it is, true love is internal, its the hardest thing to believe.

From: sneekybish

I’ve been in your shoes when I was younger, I felt that I had nothing to offer someone as a partner. I could never be a good boyfriend, fiance, husband, father, etc… but you have to dig deep and throw away self doubt. There is someone out there for you if you just put yourself out there as long as your’re comfortable doing that. Do it little by little someone will walk your path. Good luck, god bless.

From: ladytapioca

Hey Friend. I know how lonely it must feel not having that connection. It doesn’t mean you are not as worth love. You haven’t had a connection and those kinds of connections take time and effort. I’m sure you will find a partner one day. Until then focus on yourself and show yourself love. Hold fast friend.

From: kayla1508

I’m surrounded by people who are my age and have children with the husband/wife. I’m 23 and they have been married since 18. It makes me feel lonely the same way you talk about here. I’ve learnt to finally understand that I don’t need a partner to be happy. Do we need love? Yes. But that love can come from anywhere. For me, that love comes from my HS family right here.

From: tromboness

That is a lonely feeling. Most of my friends are also paired off. I’m lucky to be able to focus on other things besides romantic relationships. I’m trying to focus my efforts on developing myself career-wise and hobby-wise. My hobby of Lindyhop swing dancing has also helped me make new friendships. I appreciate all of my friendships, both the married/partnered ones and the single ones. You are not alone. Hold Fast.

From: tomtwitch91

Focus on creating a life for yourself that’s AWESOME. Share that with people and I bet someone who shares the same things as you, will come along someday.

I’m sorry you’re suffering. Feeling alone is so difficult. Perhaps you can take this time to find value in yourself. Find ways to grow and improve as a person. Love yourself, and let your worth shine. People will notice that glow. :sparkles:

Hey friend. Your topic was covered on the HeartSupport live stream WITH Detune himself. Here’s the live response. Hold Fast.