Diagnosis received

I have been waiting for what feels like EONS to receive my diagnosis in order to determine whether or not I am on the Autism spectrum.

I FINALLY received my results today, and it just feels like a million tons have been removed from my shoulders. I cried when I read my diagnoses of Autism and ADHD, but I didn’t cry because I’m upset about the results, I am just SO RELIEVED TO KNOW. I have been waiting for these results since October!!!

It’s so nice to finally know, and now I feel like I can move forward in finding the appropriate therapist and starting to disclose this information to the people in my life who I care about most.

My body is sore now, I think because all my muscles are starting to relax after literal months of being tense… Maybe I will be able to sleep better now, who knows.

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has helped me through this extremely difficult time. It seems like a small thing to go and get an evaluation, but it’s going to help so SO much. I would not have been able to manage my anxiety while waiting if it weren’t for all of the amazing, supportive, kind, loving people in this community :heart:

I’m sure I’ll be back posting about something new that happens, but for now I just feel relieved in being armed with knowledge about myself that I didn’t have before.

Thanks for always being here :black_heart:


That’s wonderful @bluejay_18 I’m so happy that you know now and can start learning coping skills and get on the right medication!!!

You’re life is going to change :hrtlegolove:


Oh goodness! What a relief to finally get your diagnosis! Can feel all the tension and pressure leaving through your words. You have been VERY strong for dealing with the stress (and time) as you did.

A new path is opening now, with hopefully lots of insights and healing for you. Congrats for this new step and your continuous growth. :hrtlegolove:


our bodies retain so much of our mental struggles. i had the WORST localized pain in my lower back/region for MONTHS until one day the source / focus of all of my stress and worries was removed, woke up without a trace of pain. it was the craziest thing ever, so i get that totally!

so glad you have your diagnosis. Glad they surprised you with it earlier too, that’s funny!

Looking to all your future posts and updates!


@bluejay_18 I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have finally gotten your results, I have to say, I also have tears in my eyes for you.
I know that feeling of muscles hurting after lengths of time worth of tension, you think its going to feel so wonderful when you finally let go but sadly you feel like you have been folded up in a vice for weeks but that will go and now you can finally start to relax and I am so so pleased.
Its like you life can now truly begin and I for one cant wait to hear about the future and what bluejay18 has been up to since life got better and moved forward. We were here but it was you that did this, you were the strong one and Im so proud of you.
Best of luck to you and hopefully speak to you again very soon. Take care friend.
Much Love Lisa :grinning: :heart:


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