Did I do something wrong?

My parent’s say they love me, but sometimes I question it. If they love me why won’t they listen? That’s a question that I ask myself all the time. I still don’t know the answer to that. I don’t know if I ever will. I try to tell them how important it is to me to feel like I’m listened to, but the fact that they won’t listen is the reason why I’m struggling with this. They say that I can tell them anything, but when I try they brush it off. I feel alone. I feel worthless. I feel like I’m not important. I feel unloved. If nobody in my family loves and supports me then what’s the point? I’ve been tempted so many times to relapse in self harm. I haven’t done it yet, but it may happen. I feel like I did something wrong. I feel like whenever I try to do something I’m told I’m wrong, or that I’m a disappointment, or that I can’t do anything right. I can’t find the motivation to get going these days. I feel like a lost cause. I can’t go anywhere else it feels like.

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@FaeTheProud Thank you for opening up and sharing. I’m sorry you are going through these struggles! It breaks my heart to hear that. Please don’t go back to self-harm. I understand how hard it must be to not feel listened to by the people closet to you, but trust me, you can get through this. I know it’s not easy.

You are incredibly loved and valued! God loves you and we love you here! We believe in you. If you don’t feel listened to by your family, that doesn’t at all mean you did anything wrong. I don’t know why they would brush you off. We will not brush off your feelings here. You are such a strong spirit for sharing like you did! We are proud of you!

Just know you are important, more than words can say! Please continue to have hope, even when it’s tough. You will get through this dark time! We are here for you!


First do all I want you to know that you are not worthless and you are not a disappointment. No matter what your feelings are or how people treat you, please know that you are are loved and you are wanted. I am sorry that your parents have not been supportive lately but please know that you will always be supported here and I want to thank you for reaching out. I know things may seem bleak at his moment but it will get better and I hope that you can continue to be strong. If you need anything please continue to reach out here on the support wall. Hold fast friend <3



To be honest nobody really understands. They try to just to be nice but I dont think alot of people understand. I feel only 2 days on this site its helping a little. It still sucks but at least we have a community

Absolutely! Some people just don’t understand how to deal with people suffering from intense emotional and mental pain. The people here do care though. You can truly just be yourself and be open and honest. I already feel like a part of the community even after a few days. God is truly doing amazing work in this community.

Keep staying strong and finding the hope in each day my friends! :slight_smile:

Sarah, I’m so sorry that your parents have failed to hear you when you try to open up to them. I grew up in a similar situation. Only my dads weren’t around. I was mostly raised by my mother and my grandmother. Both who are women that didn’t always know how to think for anyone but themselves. Sure my mom did things for me that I appreciate at times, but as a whole she was a very self involved person. The world revolves around her and owed her for things.

I remember so many times feeling alone and crying because I wanted to be loved by those around me, and instead they made me feel like I was broken. Like I wasn’t good enough. I was shot down when I tried to express myself and left feeling like I was being problematic.

I’m so sorry that you have to share any of this pain. Normally I would say to try to talk to those you are struggling with, but it’s very clear that you have tried. And I’m sorry that they are not hearing your cries

My heart goes out to you. As I know how helpless it can feel when you live with parents and they have authority over you and they just refuse to have any understanding.

In the moment I know it can feel pointless and exhausting. Dark thoughts easily can leak in and consume you. But please stay strong. I know it’s not easy. But it can get better. Keep fighting and know that here you are so valued, loved and cared for. Your feelings are valid and important.

You are not alone my friend. I hope that here you can find at least a little bit of comfort and a safety net when you are hurting.

Hold fast.

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