Did I went into the deep end

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Earlier I though about revenge fansties my ex friend, my sister said you never not get in contact with her again. You never see her again. That put me on the edge, i hate when people say she gone in your life. I’m want her so bad, like she my procession. Like she no right to leave me. That how feeling about her.

I’m too far gone with this obsession, I’m hoping get into a day program soon. Get more help about my obsession of her. She was my soul mate in heaven, like my purpose my life good. But now she never contact me again, she was not there when my aunt die.

I can’t stop thinking about her, she is my everything.
It getting might have turn myself in and have put strange order on me. Because I can’t stop my obsession with her. It might put me in jail.

I don’t know what to do guys, I’m scare and don’t what do.

I want to do the right thing and let her go. But selfish because I can’t.


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