Didn't know something so small could make me so happy

So I got a bottle of seashells for goodwill and I decided to place them in a more clean container. I have no idea why put seashells really make me happy. I’m over here sinking delight, handling these shells. Each one is so unique intricate and so pretty.

I had one seashell I saved from my last trip at the beach and now it won’t be lonely anymore because I have more shells!!! My heart is exploding. It’s like I’m being flooded with serotonin


This is so lovely, @Amaris! Seashells can really be beautiful. And there is something so precious just with the idea of keeping some of them while they have traveled far distances.

Last time I went to to the sea, I spend most of my days walking on the beach looking after seashells. Felt so precious to have this little collection.

So happy for you! It may be small but the effect is huge. That’s so awesome!

PS - If you’d like to share photos of it in this post, it’s completely fine to do so.


Hi Amaris :slightly_smiling_face:
This is so amazing. Seashells can be so beautiful. I had also brought a lot of them when I was on hollidays few yers ago. You are rights. They are very unique and each one is different :slightly_smiling_face:. I am glad it had made you so happy :heart:

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