Difficult situation, psychopath personality indicator

I have taken 4 personality tests and all 4 say I’m a psychopath (w/ psychopath secondary)…a lot of it makes sense. I’m scared to get professional help don’t want any red flags to suggest bad behavior & them contact anyone. Need help figuring this out. But is this a mental health issue, direct me to someone who can help if this isn’t the place to discuss this.


Hey hit, thank you for coming and sharing your concerns! It must be stressful for you.
The thing about personality tests is that they can only generate a response to what’s being fed to them. And that is very very limited data.
When you think of the essence of a person and what encompasses them, you can’t really know them from taking a multiple choice questionnaire and having no interpersonal connection with them. Also answers may vary from day to day or depending on your mental health ect.
I get a sense that seeing you’re worried about this, you have a sense of right and wrong and most likely have a sense of sympathy or empathy.
Everyone every now and again has the potential to show even small amounts of the traits that labelled a psychopath. I’ve had times where I’ve been unsympathetic to someone, or have made an impulse action and not thought about how it would play out.

Truely really the best people to diagnose any sort of “atypical” personality would be a professional.

If you feel comfortable you’re more than welcome to share what has been taking place to want to take the tests. No pressure of course.


Hi hitthepit,
thank you for sharing. i agree on what @Bimini said. often you only have multiple choice answers at those so
called personality tests, and every test can give you a different outcome. you can’t express yourself of limited
is it wright or wrong that you struggle with your mental health ? Yes.
is your depression back at its top right now ? Peak Performance.
How hard is it to cope these days ? like walking naked through a pedestrian zone on new years eve.
that would be my answers. just as a example.
a diagnose needs a deeper look into your persona, into your mind a bit. and that is what professionals are there for. my opinion is, that good ones give you their opinion, diagnose after some sessions, when you open up more, when you talk more. they need a deeper inside look into yourself.
at my second appointement, a therapist handed me a diagnose after an hour, with a split personal disorder.
in that moment, after that session i did not sleep for 3 nights straight, questioned everything i did.
i can see you are worried about this, i understand. but seeking help in therapy or a self help groud is
something you definetily should consider. come back to us anytime, we are here for you.
also take a look in our crisis resources

maybe this could help you, find help for yourself.
you matter most ! you are loved and feel hugged my friend. have a wonderful day :purple_heart:

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Hi hun, I’m responding to check in with you and see if there was anything updated to this? I’m hoping you looked into telling someone, and you’ve been able to find some answers to ease your worries.