Disappointed in People

With so many developments in my life I don’t see myself having relationships, friends or family because of the way many people in my life have behaved. I’m disgusted with a lot of people because of their actions and I simply cannot deal with it anymore. Mentally and emotionally I can’t deal with the disrespect of people.

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I can relate to this. Though I don’t know the details of your circumstances, I know what it’s like to be unheard or even dismissed. One important thing I’ve learned is that there are still good people out there. I had to learn to embrace the good and let go of people who weren’t there for me. I’m glad you reached out. You aren’t alone. Can you share more about what is going on?


Hey @ranma1983,

Great to see you!

People in your life, whether it be friends, family, relationships, can definitely have an effect on your life. I totally get where your coming from too! It’s like you spend time getting to know someone and you think they’re super rad, then they peel back that curtain and it’s not all it’s cracked up to me. And honestly, you SHOULDN’T have to deal with the disrespect of people. I sure don’t.

The amount of people I keep in my life I can barely count on 2 hands. My sister, my nephew, 3 friends and my fiance. So there’s 6 total, across all 3 types you mentioned. I couldn’t be happier with that because I know I would 100% be there for them just like they are to me. I’ve had many people bounce in and out of my life over the years, but we always seem to take away something from those interactions. Like telling yourself “I don’t want to ever act that way towards others” or “That’s actually a pretty rad perspective! I wouldn’t have thought of that” Those are thoughts we’ve all had at some point. And that’s okay!

You’ve got this friend, you know we’re always here to support you any way you need!

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Hello ramma_1983,
On a daily basis I see how some people operate in complete selfishness, I see how everything they do is a scheme to get over on other people, this is why I have learned to protect my heart and evaluate people’s behavior. On a contrary I want you to know that there are still some amazing and loving people in the world who will truly love you for who you are and they will not have any conniving plans towards you. Most importantly, do not let negative people steal your positive perspective about life.


I did a favor for a friend of mine who is a pastor he wired me some money to buy him so foreign currency and I mailed it to him along with some gifts I bought for him. I did feel like my conscience was bothering me because why would he not buy it himself. I told my therapist and she believes it was illegal without me knowing so I contacted the FBI and told them what happened I gave them the information and they will investigate and they thanked me for contacting them. I would never do anything illegal godforbid but I didn’t think that buying paper money would be an issue but I would have been more cautious he reason for buying the foreign currency because he wanted to acquire iraqi citizenship through his father but still. It’s a concerned.

I’m very sorry to hear that you are going through this realisation right now. I can understand how you must be feeling. Unfortunately some people are just not meant to be in your life, and some can be very toxic. I understand your frustrations and I completely resonate with them. You need to accept that the people in your life right now, are not meant for you. It sucks because you want to socialise and have a life, however you can’t expect it either. Just keep being you. Do what makes you happy, and forgive those that aren’t in your life.

I wish you all the best, and I hope that you find your friendships, relationships, and family. :blush::pray:

I’m concerned about calling the secret service about a friend whom I suspected was involved in something illegal. I don’t think he is bad person but I wonder and I have my doubts about somethings that were questionable and I don’t want to be involved in anything that could be against the law and on advice from my therapist I contacted the secret service and made a report hopefully he’s not involved in anything bad because he is my pastor in a way.

My older brother recently traveled to Puerto Rico to meet with my nephews over property issues and my niece was there but my nephew was absent. The meeting was friendly and civil but they are proven to be monsters and wicked they have absolutely no respect or empathy towards their father my oldest brother who died and then they talk shit to their grandmother my mom about bougus claims that are not true and they think they have justification in taking everything from us. I’ve cut off that family completely I don’t have family in Puerto Rico anymore my only family was my oldest brother and my nephews have proven not to be family by their actions they don’t care about me, my mom or their uncle or their father that passed all they care about is taking whatever they can get out of us.

I can see how you might be disappointed with your family in Puerto Rico. Your ties with your oldest brother seem to be tender. And now, all you have left of it are his kids who are just interested in obtaining as much of the property as they can. They don’t seem to want a connection with you or your older brother. That is sad. I am so sorry to hear that. A connection with your homeland is like a rock in your life and now that is being reduced to a financial gain from your nephews and nieces.That is tough.

It is sad when your loved ones (nieces and nephews) don’t care about your mother and their father. Your mother is a dear person in your life and if your nephews and nieces are only trying to exploit her for financial gain that must be dissappointing for you. It must be a terrible feeling when all they are expressing is their desire to increase their financial gain.

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