Discouraged from seeking help

I’ve been trying to work on pretty overwhelming issues, and with all the people raving about betterhelp, I decided to give them a try.

After a month, I’ve decided to switch counselors.

The one I was matched with seemed like she had trouble keeping details of who she was dealing with, and what problems they were having. Several times while talking with her, she said “oh yeah… your the one that I told that to…”

Any messages sent were met with generic responses or mindless worksheets, and I kind of just felt like I was being copy and pasted at times.

I guess my question for those that utilize betterhelp is - is this normal? I’m struggling a lot, and I feel quite a bit worse because I feel like I just paid someone to pretend to care.

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I sorry to hear about your experience. I’m curious to hear other’s experiences as well. I came very close to using Better Help and probably would have but they don’t take insurance and so it ended up being cheaper for me to go someplace else that accepted my insurance. My current therapist actually remembers things that I forgot I even told her lol. She has really impressed me in just a few sessions but I have definitely had those ones where you can kind of just feel that they don’t care or aren’t interested. I can’t speak for your therapist but from your account, it sounds like that’s how you feel.

I sincerely hope that this doesn’t stop you from finding help, but maybe you should try elsewhere if 2 separate Better Help therapists haven’t worked for you. Sometimes you just have to find the right person, and I do have to say I’ve had more good than bad therapists. Unfortunately this is a bad field to be bad in.

I wish you luck, Geko, I’m sure in time you will find a good therapist and the search will have been worth it. Stay strong.


Thanks for your reply. I am going to give at least one more a try, but I have to admit I am very discouraged from the first go around.

After a month of giving it a go, I can honestly say I feel like unwanted garbage.

Regarding finding somewhere else - I’ve looked around my state, and from the bare bones research I’ve been able to do, it would be more expensive to do in person visits, as I am currently uninsured. The people I’ve spoken with were also very frank - Covid has dramatically increased their client base, and they are having trouble fitting new clients in. Thus why I was recommended betterhelp.

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Ah, yea that makes a lot of sense. It took me quite a while to find a place that worked for me that is also covered by my insurance, so in your case I suppose it would be the best option. Hmm… Maybe contact the site and share your concerns with them and tell them you feel like you’re wasting your money. I’m sure they would be more than willing to try to find someone who can be more attentive - perhaps someone with more experience or a better track record.

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