Dislike loving people

i really hate just how much i love my friends some times. like it genuinely hurts to care so much about them but not really be able to express it. i just want to hug them.


Hey @echo,

Boy, do I know how it feels to genuinely care a lot about other people, but how hard it is to express that to others. Especially during this time, when we’re not allowed to give each other a hug, or even visit the people we love. It can be so painful to not be allowed to hug someone or to be allowed to be close, but it doesn’t mean that you love them any less, right?
Something I have been doing lately is starting to write my friends cards and letters, telling them how much they mean to me. Handwritten letters take longer to write, so I really take the time to put into words what they mean to me. It’s like I take that time I would usually take to have a cup of coffee with them, but instead of talking with them, I write out a letter. I put in that time that I know they deserve and still use it to think of them, because they are worth that time I put into them. And it’s time that I can’t get back, but that’s okay because I love giving them that time. I also make bracelets for them, because I hope that those things will make them smile, even when I can’t see it, I want them to know that there’s someone thinking of them.
Have you ever heard of love languages? I don’t know exactly where it came from, but there is a theory out there that there are 5 different love languages. We have Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. The fact that you really want to hug the people you care about tells me that you are someone who’s love language is a the physical touch, but it’s also good to know that there are other ways to show people you love and appreciate them. Even with this distance we can still be close by calling via zoom or discord or whatever means you prefer. You can still send them a small thing and tell them that this made you think of them and it doesn’t even have to cost money, you can also just send a gif or a meme that made you think of them. It’s small things that can also show the appreciation and love you have for someone. Sending someone a dm telling them why you appreciate them can also be priceless and just the thing that they need to hear that day. There are many ways you can show someone that you care and love them and even if they don’t say it, it is appreciated.
You don’t have to “go big” with showing your love for someone, just be there, listen to them if they need it and remind them that you care about them.
You’re loved.


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