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Distancing myself from my parents

So I’ve been back home now since September 2019 living with my parents after having spent the previous year and a half travelling and living on my own as I worked in national parks. It was a difficult, and still somewhat difficult, adjustment mentally to go from having the time of my life on my own to now being back home in a place I don’t want to be until I can (soon) afford to move out for good.

All this time thought I feel totally cynical and ignorant against my parents because I don’t really want to spend time with them. Most nights I’d rather spend up in my room, isolated doing what I want to do, and making my own plans rather than being with them. They ask me to do stuff with them but either it doesn’t interest me or it’s just boring (my mom asks if I want to watch movies with her all the time which just gets old). There is nothing my parents are doing wrong to make me feel this way, they haven’t done anything wrong. But I just want to be my own person and I’m already around them all the time, especially during quarantine.

Has anyone experienced this before? I hope I don’t sound cynical, but It’s just how I’ve felt about this situation for months and want to see if anyone else outdoor has gone through this same kind of thing.


Hello my friend!
The same happenned to me a couple years ago, I spend some months in Spain and when I came back to my roots it was really hard to adjust myself to the lifestyle I used to have.

Better times are yet to come, and you need to enjoy every second you have before it’s too late, no matter how boring it may be. Your parents are probably trying their best to spend time with you too.

You got used to a new life, with different things, other people…now it’s hard to get back to the old life.

What you can do is improvise and create new hobbies alone or with your family, and try to get common interests so that every day can be different and more exciting than what you are currently experiencing.

Best of luck!

Sounds pretty normal to me man!
Being around anyone too long makes u need a break, Everyone needs there own space or you just go mad haha
your parents sound pretty cool tbh and the older you get youll remember them times you chilled out watching a movie with ur parents and stuff. But like ya said in quarantine you seeing em 24/7 haha. Any sane person would need some alone time.