Distraught over loved one

My daughter just took 7 of her Lexapro. I am overwhelmed on what to do to help her. I want her to join this group.



First let me say that I love you and its ok to reach out.

Secondly, have you reached out for medial help?

Third, I love you. <3 It is so scary when you see your child suffer like this, Just let us know how we can support you.

<3 Zeph

From: taylorpalmby (Twitch)

not sure if that’s how I do the response, but as Tay’s mom it was so hard first off figuring what was wrong, why this was happening to the child who seemed liked she had the world in her hands… Did a lot of praying and we found a great support system, felt like we were on a hamster wheel until we found the right therapist and medication. my mom said that everyone has bad days and I should not expect every day to be good for her. Hang in there it gets better and find the therapist that

Hi @Nicki

The HeartSupport Houston team responded to your post here. Hold Fast friend! We’re with you.

  • John

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